IQ News: At Deadline

MuBu Launched
A Web site that may be the first online sound-based music recommendation service launched today. San Francisco-based provides personalized music suggestions based on an individual’s intuitive reactions to a series of sound clips.

House Ads Add Up
Although the number of advertisers on the Web has grown considerably–approximately 65 percent since January 2000–a sizable portion of online companies are still filling ad space with banner ads promoting their own products and services. A new report released today by Seattle-based AdRelevance, a division of Media Metrix and provider of Internet advertising measurement technology, reveals that advertising by publishers on their own sites accounts for almost 20 percent of all available online ad inventory.

Delivery System Set
Redmond, Wash.-based LockStream today launched its Napster-proof digital media delivery system for wireless. Company reps say LockStream is the first streaming media service to ensure secure distribution of audio, video and text to virtually any device including portable wireless, Windows CE and desktop PCs.

Pink Videos Premiere
Beginning this week, The Box Music Network, a Miami-based music channel, will begin showing two videos for “Most Girls,” a new single by LeFace Records artist Pink. Visitors to The Box’s “Final Cut” homepage will be allowed to vote on which video should be released nationally on July 5.

Correction: In our June 19 People section, the picture of Mark Dacey was incorrectly captioned. He is president of Adweek Magazines