IQ News: Deadline

House Music
Entertainment Asylum, a property of America Online, Dulles, Va., is bringing production of its music site, called Music Axis, in house. RVision, Santa Monica, Calif., created and produced Asylum’s Axis.

Impulse Commerce
Impulse Buy Network, Burlingame, Calif., launches its real-time commerce service on Yahoo this week. Some 40 merchants, including Wal-Mart, Bentonville, Ark., and J. Crew, New York, have signed onto the service for a $1,000 monthly fee. Participating retailers and manufacturers will flash offers for discounted merchandise on 100 sites by month’s end including The Mining Company and iVillage.

New Sony Site
Sony, New York, tapped EDS, Dallas, to build a site called Metreon Online. The site will introduce San Franciscans to Metreon, a Sony entertainment mall due to open in the Bay Area this spring.

Measurement Tool
TN Technologies, Westport, Conn., which owns Modem Media and R/GA Interactive, has created an agency-based system for management and measurement of Web advertising. Called TNToaster, it will use IMGIS’ AdForce technology, and will allow interactive ad and banner campaigns for the agencies’ clients to be served directly from the agency to media properties.