IQ News: deadline

MSN Signs with
Audio and video netcaster, Dallas, signed a marketing agreement with MSN Internet Access, Redmond, Wash., making it a preferred ISP on’s Internet music, video and live event Webcasting hub. The MSN ISP is multi-cast enabled, providing better reception for’s multi-casts. The deal includes promotions in gateway ads and program channels.

IGN Inks Exclusive Deal
Electronics Boutique, a Westchester, Pa.-based online provider of interactive entertainment software and peripherals, signed on as the exclusive online games retailer for Brisbane, Calif.-based gaming network With the agreement, EB will let IGN users pre-order game titles online before they are available in retail stores. EB will also license content from IGN for inclusion in a co-branded news section of the EB web site.

Free-PC Lands Ad Support,, CarsDirect, Citibank, Cyberian Outpost, eBay, eNews, eToys, Internet Shopping, Network/FirstAuction, KidsOnline, New Line Cinema and PCFlowers have all signed on as charter advertisers to be integrated into the desktop environment of the first 10,000 free computers shipped by Pasadena, Calif.-based Free-PC. Ads will appear as rotating, targeted banners and fixed, direct access buttons.

Two RP.I Sites Go Live
Rubin Postaer Interactive, Santa Monica, Calif., this week launches two consumer Web sites, one for Portland, Ore.-based Gardenburger, coinciding with a $15 million TV effort via rp.i parent Rubin Postaer and Associates, and a second for La Palma, Calif.-based gasoline chain Arco Products.