IQ News: Data – Would You Like A Car With That?

If you’re going back to school this September, you’ll need a way to get there, and that raggedy model you’re still driving from the last decade just won’t do. A variety of e-commerce providers are trying to take the fuss and muss out of buying a car by making it easy to jump online, pick a make and model and have it delivered to your door, sort of. While none of the big automakers allow you to buy direct (yet), new tactics spurred by competitors like have caused unpleasant haggling with pushy sales reps to fade into history.–Samson Okalow
Top 10 ‘Stickiest’ Auto Sites By Age, June 1999
SITE Average Minutes spent/Month (ages 18-49) 25 22 21 18 16 14 11 10 9 7
Media Metrix defines unique visitors as the actual number of users who visited each Web site, without duplication, once in a given month. More than 40,000 individuals throughout the U.S. participate in the Media Metrix sample.