IQ News: Clickhaus Opens Doors For Outside Business

The Atlanta agency’s name is “derived from the Bauhaus, the design school of clean and sleek and not a lot of frou-frou,” said Cynthia Gray, Clickhaus’ vice president of marketing. Clickhaus began in 1997 as an in-house agency for CIMedia, a network of locally focused Web sites.
Gray said one of the agency’s first external clients, Rich’s Department Store, approached Clickhaus “because they felt we understood local consumers.” Clickhaus has created ads for, CIMedia’s Atlanta city Web site.
The Rich’s campaign is scheduled to launch in April, with banner ads on Yahoo!, NetZero, and, among other sites. A Web site created by Clickhaus and a strategic advertising arrangement with are already in place.
“We’re going to combine these elements with direct mail, TV and radio ads,” said Gray. The six-figure integrated campaign will also involve an online and offline contest aimed at driving traffic to the Atlanta department store.
Clickhaus’ second outside client is music site, which was initially created as a partnership between Cox Interactive and mp3radio.
The goal of that campaign is to get more users to the main mp3radio home page. Once there, visitors can download music and access news, reviews and concert schedules for cities across the U.S.
The six-figure campaign will launch in March. It will involve e-mail newsletters as well as links, text tiles and banner ads on sites including the Virtual Music Value network, Yahoo!,, Excite, Snowboard and the 24/7 network. There will also be a lottery, with winning numbers posted on the site.
Clickhaus is currently negotiating possible deals with other Internet companies. “We haven’t proactively pitched anyone, but have received inquiries from other companies as well,” Gray said.