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Low-Speed Option
By Ann Mack–To remedy problems such as site slowness and inaccessibility,, the global e-commerce fashion network, unveiled two versions of its site this month.
By offering high- and low-bandwidth versions, hopes to improve accessibility without sacrificing the cutting-edge technology the site prides itself on, said Ernst Malmsten, co-founder and CEO.
The high-bandwidth or “hi-fi” model replicates the original with its Flash and 3-D technology and spin and zoom tools, which enable consumers to view every angle of the urban sports gear close up. As technology evolves, will continue to add to the hi-fi version.
The simpler, “low-fi” version has the look and feel of the original site, minus the bells and whistles. “It’s like black and white TV versus color TV,” said Malmsten.
When users log on, they’re advised which option to pick based on their modem speed.