IQ News: bits

Infoseek, Lycos, Progressive Networks, Audio Net, Hot Wired, Yahoo!, Excite, N2K, CDNow, and iMusic have teamed up to participate in the production of SonicNet’s cybercast of the Tibetan Freedom Concert in New York on June 7 and 8.

Nickelodeon is expected to launch its first Web site for kids this week. The site, designed by Rare Medium, will feature TV programming, games and magazines. Rare Medium is also redesigning Nick’s TV Land site. Charter advertisers on the kids’ site include Gap Kids, General Mills, Sony and America Online. Nickelodeon’s first online venture was an area on AOL that launched in October 1995.

Swiss watch maker Audemars Piguet ran a sweepstakes on and last month that generated a whopping 3 million users, beating the original goal of only 400,000 impressions. Turner Broadcasting Sales executives cited the Web’s upscale consumer base as the reason behind the overdelivery.

Poppe Tyson Interactive has been awarded an online marketing assignment from Hasbro Interactive to market existing sites and develop new ones. The agency prevailed over 10 agencies, including incumbent Modem Media, to land the account. Hasbro will unveil new games at E3 in July, and Poppe is expected to create sites to support them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer last week launched a sweepstakes with the tagline “Go Where You Want To Go.” The contest will run for two months on Intellicast Weather, LookSmart, TV Guide Entertainment Network and WebChat. Each site has customized its own version of the sweepstakes. Users who download IE can enter a contest to win a vacation.

Firefly, Netscape and VeriSign and some 60 others have teamed up to create Open Profiling Standards, guidelines for sites hoping to profile users and offer personalization. The proposal, which is flexible and open to ubiquitous use, calls for giving control of personal profiles to users themselves.

Nissan North America and MCI Internet unveiled redesigned sites last week. Nissan’s new look was created by CyberSight and Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer Euro/RSCG was responsible for MCI’s change.

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