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America Online’s Digital City Boston will partner with the Boston Herald to add additional content from the newspaper. Digital City Boston already runs Herald sports coverage on AOL. Political, lifestyle and gossip columnists from the Herald will now provide columns for AOL.

JCPenney is expected to launch a redesigned site today that features some 90,000 items available for on-line purchase. Modem Media, JCPenney’s on-line agency, redesigned the site.

On-line yellow pages BigBook and coupon direct mailer Val-Pak announced a cross-marketing agreement last week in which Val-Pak advertisers may launch sites on BigBook for $50 per month, and BigBook advertisers will have their Web addresses featured on the coupon mailers.

DoubleClick has expanded the types of banner software its network can support, allowing advertisers to run animated and complex banners on DoubleClick sites.

Poppe Tyson Interactive West, Mountain View, Calif., has been awarded an on-line branding assignment from Scala Software. The agency will redesign the firm’s existing site and develop its on-line strategy.

BoxTop Interactive, Los Angeles, and Atlanta-based iXL merged on June 6. Kevin Wall, BoxTop president, will maintain his position and join the iXL board. BoxTop has created sites for Hard Rock Cafe and the Microsoft Network.

ADSmart in Andover, Mass., added NetNoir Online, San Francisco, Calif., a two-year-old African American culture and entertainment Web site to its on-line media buying network.

BDDP launched a contest called Disruption on the Internet, at The contest requires users to submit a case study on-line and is running in conjunction with the book Disruption: Overturning Conventions and Shaking up the Marketplace, by Jean-Marie Dru, chairman and creative director

of BDDP.

MaMaMedia launched a Web site and a magazine at the Digital Kids conference in Washington, D.C., earlier this month. No advertisers have signed on yet, but a company official said MaMaMedia is in talks with major kids’ marketers for partnership deals.

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