IQ News: bits

-Two portals inked technology distribution deals last week. Waltham, Mass.-based portal Lycos will offer a suite of fantasy sports games from New York-based developer Small World. Meanwhile, AltaVista, Palo Alto, Calif., will distribute developer’s interactive, collectible content from sports, music and entertainment companies on the main content areas on the AltaVista Network.

-Sunnyvale, Calif.-based General Magic, a provider of voice-based technology and services, announced two new services: The Email Response Ad, which lets users listening to ads over the phone request an email with more information simply by speaking; and Ad Center, which provides an application for advertisers to create eight- to 10-second spots to run on General Magic’s myTalk service, offering free voicemail and e-mail both over the phone and Web.

-San Francisco-based digital media company Alchemedia last week launched its flagship product, Clever Content, offering advertisers and Web publishers a system for protecting and sharing digital images on the Net. The Clever Content system prevents users from stealing images from Web sites, and also prevents them from printing or capturing screen images without authorization.

-Free homepage provider, Pasadena, Calif., was named exclusive third-party provider of homepages for New York-based people-powered portal, New York. receives an equity stake in and CEO Scott Kurnit gets a seat on’s board of directors.

-Palo Alto-based Vicinity Corp.’s MapBlast services, which provide maps and driving directions in the U.S. and Canada, will be integrated into the Chicago-based Rand McNally’s
Web site.

-Redwood City, Calif.-based Engage Technologies subsidiary Internet Profiles launched its Velocity Web site analysis services, which monitor site speed and performance from the end-users’ perspective to solve Web-related business or technical problems.

-The Sept. 6 IQ Interactive Report misstated one of the founders of Interactive8. Thomas Jacobs co-founded the shop with Doug Rice. Bill Markel, named in the story as a co-founder, joined the company at a later date.