IQ News: Asimba Works Out With 24 Hour Fitness

Asimba, a San Francisco-based sports and fitness lifestyle site, today announced a partnership with Pleasanton, Calif.-based 24 Hour Fitness, an international chain of exercise clubs with two million members.
As part of the partnership, Asimba has developed an application that helps personal trainers at 24 Hour Fitness develop individualized programs for members. The coaches can then monitor their students’ progress both in person and by logging onto a special area on the Asimba site where the students report on their workouts.
“This way the trainer and the client can keep track of progress and modify, tweak or advance the exercise program appropriately,” said Kurt Schneider, CEO and president of Asimba.
The arrangement will drive traffic to the Asimba site and help promote 24 Hour Fitness to Asimba’s 600,000 members, Schneider said. “We’re using a traditional sedentary medium, the Internet, to get you off your keister to participate. That’s why we have gone out and made deals to help us extend into actual places where people exercise.”
The partnership will also include a newsletter that members can sign up for at the gym or on the 24 Hour Fitness site. The newsletter will include gym news, general fitness content and information on the members’ individual exercise programs.
Asimba is oriented toward fitness for individuals. “There’s a lot for spectator sports out there, but we are going after the psychographic of people who aspire to living a fitness lifestyle,” said Schneider.
According to Schneider, this encompasses users “from the person who needs to lose weight and wants to start walking to the person who works out three times a week to the person who is a serious athlete.”
Visitors to the site can sign up for individualized weight loss or nutrition programs that include daily e-mails to keep the user motivated. Community discussion boards are also available “as a support tool to keep up morale and exchange information,” said Schneider.
Users must register to participate both in the weight loss and nutrition programs and the community discussions. It’s also possible to e-mail questions to fitness experts on the site and registration is not necessary to do so.
The site has designated areas for various individual sports including biking, running, skiing, snowboading, swimming and rock climbing. These areas have photos of people kicking it out in a variety of settings on a variety of equipment, as well as offer calendars of events, tips for newbies and articles about the sport.