IQ News: ActiveFlash Asks E-tailers for Info

Active Research, a provider of Web-based market research automation services, today introduced ActiveFlash, a service that surveys e-shoppers as they decide what products to buy across the Internet. The service allows businesses to pose questions to consumers and then receive timely feedback.
The new survey method is administered through the Burlingame, Calif.-based company’s Active Buyer’s Guide, a Web-based recommendation engine that is located at and available on such sites as, Productopia and Lycos. Active Buyer’s Guide acts as an unbiased consumer advocate that identifies products for consumers based upon their preferences. The ActiveFlash survey appears only after the recommendations are made, intercepting consumers at the “virtual product shelf.”
“The shoppers are engaged in their purchase decision and their minds are wrapped around what they want,” says Daniel Greenberg, Active Research vp of marketing. “It is then that companies approach consumers and ask, ‘How about having your opinion heard?’ “
Marketers, ad agencies and other companies who want to engage in dialogue with consumers can use ActiveFlash for applications such as profiling buyers, assessing consumer needs, exploring new concepts, gauging price points, testing messages, copy and creative, and more.
Active Research provides the ActiveFlash surveys as an outsourced service, starting at $3,000 for a representative sample of 300 responses. The ActiveFlash client asks the questions and Active Research turns the questions into a survey that is administered into their portal network. The company then enters a password protected area of the Active Research site to track the results in real time.