IQ News: 2 Teen Sites Will Offer GoMo Mail for Holidays

GoMo Technologies, a San Francisco creator of multimedia communications and marketing programs, announced that and Bolt will offer their users GoMo Mail for the holiday season. GoMo Mail lets users drag and drop a mix of graphics, animations, textures and sounds into an e-mail message. Friends who receive the e-mail can pass it along, altering it if they wish. The Java applet will work with most e-mail applications.
“We’re hoping that teens who get onto these sites will use the mail to send out all of their holiday greetings and party invites,” said Sari Gilbert, founder and CEO of GoMo Technologies., the Web version of the beauty and fashion magazine aimed at young women 12 to 24 years old, and Bolt, the online community for teens, will have completely different content and special holiday interfaces co-branded by the publication and GoMo. Both are based in New York.
Each product will offer 20 backgrounds, 20 images, 20 animations and 10 sounds.’s content will be cute and sweet, Gilbert said, featuring such traditional things as a dreidel, Christmas ornaments and reindeer. Bolt’s will be edgier, including an alien in a Santa cap and a holiday dominatrix.
GoMo created all the content for the promotions, but Gilbert hopes that advertisers, marketers and content creators will soon use her company’s toolbox to give teens the opportunity to interact with their own content.