IQ News: 2 Entertainment Sites Make Deal with Comet

Boldly going where few other e-companies have gone before, New York-based Comet Systems–maker of the patent-pending Comet Cursor plug-in technology, which allows Web sites to offer users customized cursors–inked two new distribution deals.
Beginning today, “Cometized” cursors will be available at the official Web site of Paramount Digital Entertainment’s Star Trek franchise, located at, as well as at the Web site for the Warner Brothers movie Pokƒmon: The First Movie, located at
Paramount Digital Entertainment traditionally has been highly protective of its Star Trek franchise. But Chris Tragos, vice president of marketing and business development at Los Angeles-based PDE, said the new Star Trek cursors–developed with PDE’s input–are a way to distribute authorized content without jeopardizing copyright.
“I think it’s a benefit for the users, ultimately,” said Tragos. “The fans of Star Trek are interested in anything Star Trek. And it’s great to give fans something they can take with them.”
Today’s announcement follows Comet Systems’ recent agreement with New York-based advertising network 24/7 Media, which now will offer advertisers the option of banner ads in which normal cursors become Cometized when the user clicks through.
Ben Austin, director of marketing at Comet, said the company’s two-pronged approach of creating custom cursors and developing online advertising partnerships should appeal to both advertisers and consumers.
“We think that Comet-izing a lot of the online advertising market can give us a healthy chunk of the marketplace,” said Austin. “Banner ads alone are not working, and that’s an $8 billion market.”
Austin claimed that 14 million users have access to Cometized cursors, which are used on 60,000 Web sites: “We have a 20 percent reach on the Web right now.” Web surfers have free access to a library of about 600 cursors at
Comet Systems has partnerships with Mattel, Beanie Babies, Comedy Central and Garfield, among others. n