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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You
In case you’ve forgotten your civic pride, Independence Day is fast approaching. According to these numbers, some state citizens are more civic-minded than others, with the California state site leading its peers by a huge margin. But before anyone passes judgement, all of this may have less to do with civic pride than with the fact the California site is kinda purty, with pleasant colors and clean design. Or maybe folks are considering a vacation or move to La-La-Land and want to check it out online? Go west, young user, go west . . .
Top State Government Sites, April 1999
Total Unique Visitors (in 000s)

1 California 1,503
2 Texas 828
3 New York 663
4 Florida 650
5 Minnesota 467
6 North Carolina 435
7 Michigan 409
8 Missouri 396
9 Washington 386
10 Maryland 380

Media Metrix defines unique visitors as the actual number of users who visited each Web site, without duplication, once in a given month. More than 40,000 individuals throughout the U.S. participate in the Media Metrix sample.