IPG Finally Reveals Zentropy

BOSTON-Bronnercom’s Strategic Interactive Group, long a dominant force on the interactive forefront in New England, is about to get some serious competition.
The Interpublic Group of Cos. last week formally announced Zentropy Partners [Adweek, Nov. 1], an amalgamation of its various Internet service companies.
In addition to its namesake, Zentropy in Los Angeles, the new entity incorporates Hill, Holliday Interactive; Thunder House in New York; Digital Cafe in Minneapolis; MDEO in Paris; Anderson & Lembke Interactive in San Francisco; and Shandwick Interactive, also in New York.
John Connors III, former managing director of Hill, Holliday Interactive, was named chief executive officer. Ryan Magnussen, Zentropy founder, is president.
Zentropy claims 500 employees in 11 offices in the United States, Canada and Europe and annualized revenue of $50 million. “The key,” said Interpublic chairman Philip Geier, “is that this combines marketing with technical capability.”
Over the next 8-12 months, if market conditions and business objectives are met, Zentropy could be spun off as a publicly traded company. No commitments have been made to that end, however, Geier was quick to caution.
Zentropy will immediately take about 110 employees away from Hill, Holliday, including chief financial officer Robert Angell and human resources director Rebecca Haig.
A replacement for Haig has already been found; a search is on for Angell’s sucessor, a Hill,
Holliday representative said.