Investools: Education Is Best Weapon on Wall Street

NEW YORK Economic turmoil does not have to be bad news for all investors as long as, of course, they know what they are doing. A new campaign from financial education and online brokerage firm Investools, a division of thinkorswim, promises with the right information anybody can “Fear no market.”

The push from DiMassimoGoldstein in New York begins this week with national TV commercials that tout the power of education.

A 60-second spot opens on a nervous-looking man reading the business news on his computer. An animated bull and bear crash through the articles on the screen and fight for top position throughout the spot with no victor. The voiceover explains Investools is “arming everyday people with an arsenal of knowledge to take on any market condition” and that “the cries of battle are simply the sound of opportunity knocking.” The ad ends with the “Fear no market” message and a call to action to register for free two-hour classes. Online banners, which began running last month, use similar imagery.

“The bull and the bear fighting is representative of the options market,” said Lee Barba, CEO and chairman of thinkorswim, New York. “It doesn’t matter which is on top. If the markets are going up and down, you can take advantage of price movement in either direction by using options. You the investor are on top whether it is a bull or bear market.”

The campaign targets the “entrepreneurial, tech-savvy” do-it-yourself investor, said the agency. “We make an argument for education as a great investment, especially in a volatile market,” said Mark DiMassimo, creative director. “Turbulence can be a good thing.