Crispin Is Passionate About Cooker Food
ATLANTA–Crispin Porter & Bogusky began running its first two Cooker Restaurants spots in Ohio last week. The work is expected to air in the rest of the client’s eight-state market throughout the first quarter.
“I think it will stand out in a crowded category by focusing on a bit more intimacy than what you typically see in competitors’ spots,” said Chuck Porter, chairman of the Miami agency. “We wanted to focus on the food and people’s passion for food.”
In “Mashed Potatoes,” an attractive couple shares meaningful looks over dinner, until both want the same forkful of potatoes. A tug of war ends with an upturned table and a face full of spuds.
In “Ribs,” a man at a Cooker bar sends a glass of wine to a woman. She gives him a glance of appreciation. When the man gets a plate of ribs, he looks back in thanks–and sees her face and blouse covered in rib sauce as she holds a bare bone. “Tuesday is rib night,” reads a graphic.
Neither ad uses dialogue nor a jingle. Alex Bogusky is creative director on the $5 million account; Andrew Keller, art director; and Bill Wright, copywriter. Steven Tsuchida directed both spots for the Palm Beach, Fla.-based chain.