Tennessee’s Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson may have put it best:”To the victor belongs the spoils.”

The spoils, in this case the contract for designing the logo for George W. Bush’s presidential inauguration, have gone to Dye, Van Mol & Lawrence, an advertising and public relations agency located in Nashville, Tenn.

The price, accordingto some cynical Democrats, was theVolunteer State’s voters supporting Bush over less-than-favorite sonAl Gore.

The Veep should have remembered his home state has a long history of throwing its support to Texas in a crisis.One such volunteer, Davy Crockett, wound up at the Alamo in San Antonio for his trouble.

The line drawing of the White House, outlined by gold foil stamping, will be used on all letterhead,invitations and other printed material pertaining to the Jan. 20 inauguration.

The design was created by local illustrator Jim Hsiesh.

Lithographics, another Nashville company, handled the printing.

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