Interpolls Bows Online Effort for Ad Council

BOSTON The Ad Council and rich-media firm Interpolls have partnered to create a campaign designed to combat underage drinking.

Targeted at parents of children 11-15, the interactive campaign debuted Dec. 25 on as a roadblock to encourage parents of teens to speak with their children early and often about the negative effects of alcohol.

The work is an extension of the Ad Council and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (Samhsa’s) Underage Drinking Prevention public service campaign, which bowed in October 2005.

The new rich-media initiative’s question-based interactivity engages users and provides useful information and statistics on underage drinking. In addition, the campaign gives parents the ability to download suggested activities and free e-cards that can help them stay connected with family members.

Interpolls worked on the effort pro bono. The shop is also providing tracking data and feedback.

“It was critical that we communicate, through the online PSAs, a wake-up call to parents that teens are experimenting with alcohol at an early age and that there are several dangers associated with it,” said Barbara Shimaitis, the Ad Council’s svp, interactive services.

Interpolls is located in Pasadena, Calif.

—Adweek staff report