Interactive Infomercial on Horizon From Nissan and Chiat/Day

VENICE, CALIF. – Chiat/Day and Nissan Motor Corp. are tuning up for a drive down the information superhighway with plans to air an interactive infomercial next year.
The automaker has signed a letter of intent to purchase a half-hour slot on the Full Service Network, a Time Warner Inc. limited partnership venture set to debut in April in Orlando, Fla.
‘When you have a new technology that emerges, you have to find out what it is and what it can do for you,’ said Nissan director of marketing and communications Brad Bradshaw. ‘And essentially not be left behind.’
Tom Patty, vp and account director for Nissan and Infiniti at Chiat/Day, said the agency will tie local dealers’ advertising into the project. The informercial will be the first for Nissan, and bring a ‘paradigm shift’ in advertising philosophy, Patty said.
‘The difference is that with interactive people seek out information,’ Patty said, ‘so it’s not an intrusion in their life.’
Time Warner officials said the project remains in the planning stages, with a final format not yet determined and prices for advertisers still being negotiated.
The service will work this way: The network will carry entertainment and educational programming which will likely include both standard commercial sponsorships and pay-per-view options. An initial pool of 4,000 subscribers will be provided printers that will allow them to receive in-depth information on advertised products.
More than one format will also likely be available to advertisers, whose informercials could be called on demand or programmed as sponsors, sources said.
Plans are also in the works to make some spots for some advertisers – such as automakers – available at video kiosks at Orlando-area shopping malls.
The network boasts fiber optic wiring that will provide capacity on par with the 500-channel technology often cited as the future of the television industry.
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