Inside M&M’s Absurd Gambit to Turn Danny DeVito Into a Super Bowl-Sized Spokescandy

A tale of moxie and … cannibalism

Danny DeVito stars in M&M’s Super Bowl ad. Courtesy of M&M’s

It’s a late day in November and Danny DeVito is waist deep in a chocolate pool—well, he’s not exactly wading in molten chocolate, but a liquid mixture of sorts. This brown soup is meant to resemble a chocolate pool and it will, after some retouching in postproduction. Mars and BBDO are in the midst of filming a 30-second M&M’s spot for the Super Bowl airing on Feb. 4. During the shoot, 713 gallons of said concoction have been sitting uncovered for 12-plus hours on the New York City lot at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. And yet, DeVito, the consummate professional, plunges right in, moving his limbs as if he’s making snow angels and giving various line readings of “Mmmm, Super Bowl,” for director Wayne McClammy, who wants DeVito to make viewers believe he’s in the most luxurious bath possible.

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@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.