In today’s advertising world, its rare for a client-agency relationship to last 20 months, let alone 20 years. But that’s how long Ingalls Advertising in Boston and T.J. Maxx have been working together.
The first T.J. Maxx store opened in Massachusetts in 1977, and Ingalls was the retailer’s agency from the beginning. In fact, former Ingalls chairman Joe Hoffman and Ben Cammarata, chief executive officer of T.J. Maxx parent TJX Cos., developed the chain’s name.
The account has been at the agency long enough for two generations of the Farrell family to have worked on the business. Dom Farrell, a retired Ingalls associate creative director, frequently handled the client’s art direction. His daughter Dominique, an Ingalls broadcast producer, has also worked on the account.
Hoffman, Cammarata, Dom and Dominique Farrell and current Ingalls chairman Bink Garrison were among the attendees at a recent party in Boston’s Bay Tower Room celebrating the relationship. -David Gianatasio