Infographic: Women’s Media Consumption Habits

Digital preferences show how brands can reach ladies on their own terms

As a demographic, women—whose spending power in the U.S. was estimated by Merrill Lynch to be $5 trillion—continue to grow in power and in appeal to marketers.

For more than a year, starting with Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, brands have flooded the airwaves with ads pushing pro-female messages, with some partnering with big media names like Glamour, Hearst and Cosmopolitan to tap into the empowerment trend. But women's purchasing power goes beyond traditionally female brands: Trulia's CMO told Adweek last year that 96 percent of the influence in a purchase belongs to the ladies, and the company launched a $45 million campaign aimed at them.

For marketers seeking a connection with this powerful demo, knowing their media preferences can ensure messages are being received by women on their terms. Meredith commissioned research firm Insights in Marketing to conduct a study of more than 2,500 women ages 18-67 to find out more about women's preferred channels, digital preferences and the kinds of content they're likely to pass on to their peers. 

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro


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