Infographic: Who Will Watch the Rio Olympics, and What Will They Buy?

Mostly men, and they love cognac

Thanks to Rio's U.S.-friendly time zone, the games are expected to draw significant prime-time viewers. With such a large captive audience within reach, advertisers are zeroing in on key demographics to ensure perfect pitches. Media and consumer research firm GfK MRI interviewed U.S. consumers who plan to watch the games at home to get a sense of their lifestyles and purchasing patterns. The demo most likely to listen to pitches for high-end items are superfans that are passionate about three or more sports. "Superfans are not just voracious users of sports media," said GfK MRI managing director Gregg Lindner. "They are also more likely to be high-income college graduates living in top-tier neighborhoods. Olympics marketers need to understand and target this group, which is leaning in to sports and the good life at a time when others are turning away from fandom."