Infographic: What People Are Saying on Social Media About Their Wireless Carriers

Sentiment is surprisingly positive

Complaining about wireless providers is quickly replacing overeating as the great American pastime. The four big providers—AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile—have spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars in their attempts to endear themselves to consumers. Their efforts might actually be working, based on social chatter. A new study by Infegy, a Kansas City, Mo.-based social media intelligence firm, took a look at social media conversations around the telecom giants and gleaned some interesting results. Most surprising: The majority of millennials and boomers are happy about network speeds—at least in what they say on their social feeds. "Customers want brands to engage with them on a personal level," said Infegy CEO Justin Graves.


Carlos Monteiro

This story first appeared in the October 24, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.

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