Infographic: What Images People Are Searching for During Quarantine

Getty Images shares data on its trending searches since mid-March

an infographic of different boxes with percentages on them
Getty Images saw a spike in searches for "social distancing" and "virtual party," among others. Carlos Monteiro
Headshot of Nicole Ortiz

Since the novel coronavirus hit the U.S., it has clearly disrupted not just advertising but every facet of normalcy. As people have worked from home and sheltered in place to avoid spreading the virus, they have also changed their internet browsing habits.

Getty Images shared some recent keyword trends starting from mid-March when the virus took off in the U.S. The data in this specific study compares April 2020 to April 2019 searches, showing that consumers are looking for imagery to reflect their current situation. Searches related to images for “social distancing” were up over 72,000% year-over-year from 2019, searches for “virtual event” were up over 12,000% and searches for “working from home” and “exercise at home” were up over 3,000% each. Two of the newest and most significant terms, according to Getty Images, were “social distancing” and “virtual party.”

Getty Images shared that the searches for these terms continued to trend through April.

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@neco_ornot Nicole Ortiz is a senior editor at Adweek, overseeing magazine departments such as Trending, Talent Pool, Data Points, Voice and Perspective.