Infographic: What Consumers Really Think About Cause Marketing

Millennials, Gen X and boomers have very different views

ABM could be key in turning prospects and leads into cash.
Getty Images/iStock Photo

With social activism on the rise, more brands are aligning themselves with philanthropic causes in hopes of burnishing their reputations—and their bottom lines. But while a simple donation to charity might have sufficed in decades past, today’s younger consumers expect brands to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting different causes, according to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by marketing research firm Toluna. “Simply doing good is not enough; brands that wish to reach millennials through cause marketing must create a personal connection,” explained CEO and co-founder Frédéric-Charles Petit. “As the purchasing power of millennials expands, brands will need to give greater attention to carving out a corporate social responsibility platform that consumers can identify with.”



This story first appeared in the March 13, 2017, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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