Infographic: How to Make a Mobile Ad That Consumers Won’t Hate

Brands get credit for shorter spots

Breana Mallamaci
Headshot of Sammy Nickalls

Mobile ads may be small in size, but done the right way they can be impactful. The key is for marketers to avoid making them obtrusive and obnoxious. And according to research from IPG Media Lab and Magna Global, there are certain mobile ad formats that tend to be more favorable than others.

While slightly fewer respondents were able to recall brands from six-second ads (41 percent) versus 15-second ads (50 percent), they viewed the brands that used shorter ads as more relevant, innovative and modern—especially when brands used a vertical format more fit for a smartphone than the standard horizontal layout.

“The results of this research prove that mobile demands its own customized ad formats, rather than simply repurposed versions of existing assets that were developed and optimized for other platforms,” said Kara Manatt, svp, intelligence solutions and strategy at Magna Global. “For example, six-second ads and vertical video were developed from the ground up for the mobile experience, and they have been extremely successful for advertisers.”

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@sammynickalls Sammy Nickalls is a freelance writer and the former departments editor at Adweek.