Infographic: Influencers Are Bigger Than Ever, and They’re Just Getting Started

Almost 80% plan to create more branded content

Video editor: Breana Mallamaci

It’s no secret influencers are a hot commodity for brands, and according to new research, influencer marketing is not a trend that’s likely to die down anytime soon. Over 50 percent of influencers started producing content for brands within the past two years, while about a third started just last year. And influencers are going all-in, with 79 percent saying they plan to create more branded posts than they currently do.

Influencer marketing platform Mavrck found that while influencers aren’t just in it for the rewards—44 percent say creating content to share is a passion—it certainly doesn’t hurt. A large majority of influencers (90 percent) want free products or services from brands in exchange for their posts, while 63 percent say they’re looking for monetary compensation.

“Influencers, by definition, inspire and empathize with the same consumers that marketers seek to engage,” said Liz Gottbrecht, vp of marketing at Mavrck. “They bridge the gap.”

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