Infographic: Shoppers Are Researching Online Before Buying In-store, and Vice Versa

Reaching the ‘omnishopper’ takes a cross-channel marketing strategy

Most people either regularly or occasionally order products online and pick them up in a retail store.
Getty Images/iStock Photo

A new study is shedding light on the shopping habits of consumers who research products online but then go to the store to buy them.

More than half of such “omnishoppers,” as Criteo calls them in “The Shopper Story,” a survey of 2,500 U.S. consumer electronics buyers, do not buy from the first website they visit, and 52 percent of them are about as likely to make impulse purchases online as they are offline.

“[Consumers] still want to test the products they are shopping for, whether a TV or a smart fridge, in store,” said Jonathan Opdyke, chief strategy officer at Criteo, adding that “all marketers should know that an omnichannel strategy is more important than ever.”

Marketers who want to optimize their commerce conversions should start by optimizing their visuals, Opdyke said, noting that “89 percent of shoppers said appealing product photos can sway their purchasing decision,” and that 77 percent say video can do the job.

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