Infographic: Consumers Prefer High-Quality Imagery to Cutting-Edge Tech From Brands

58.7% say visuals are most impactful kind of brand engagement

Just 16.7% preferred interactive tech like VR and AR, and 12.1% cited conversational tech like chatbots. Carlos Monteiro
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There are so many brands online, but the majority of consumers follow fewer than 10 of them, according to new research from digital asset management platform Bynder. Maybe that’s because brands have been laying it on a little too heavy; the latest data suggests brands should go back to the basics. Consumers say the most impactful kind of engagement by far is basic visuals like high-quality imagery and video (58.7%), compared with interactive tech like VR and AR (16.7%) or conversational tech like chatbots and forums (12.1%).

“It’s clear that the inundation of new technologies, channels and platforms have made maintaining brand consistency more complicated,” said Jen Harvey, vp of branding and communications, Bynder. “Rather than helping brands in their transformation, they’ve over-complicated things. Our research shows that consumers are less concerned with cutting-edge experiences like AR or VR, and instead want engaging visual content backed by quality products and services.”

This story first appeared in the April 29, 2019, issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.
@sammynickalls Sammy Nickalls is a freelance writer and the former departments editor at Adweek.