Industry Groups Develop Ad Impression Guidelines

NEW YORK Following extensive research and discussion, stakeholders in the interactive advertising industry have established a detailed definition of ad impressions and standards by which online publishers and ad-serving companies should measure them.

The global guidelines, developed by a consortium of industry organizations including the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the European Association of Communications Agencies and the World Federation of Advertisers are meant to simplify the buying and selling process for advertisers, marketers and publishers. Almost all major Web sites and 35 out of the 37 major online ad-serving technologies worldwide support the standards (

For the U.S., the new guidelines are a follow-up to initial parameters issued in January 2002 by the IAB, Media Rating Council and Advertising Research Foundation, with backing from the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers.

There are two sets of guidelines, one for the global media community and a U.S.-only version that contains certification and auditing features. The standards, currently being implemented domestically, are expected to be widely adopted globally by the end of next year.