IndoorDirect Unveils New Programming

IndoorDirect, an out-of-home media company that operates a network of screens in quick-service and casual restaurants, including Arby’s, Captain D’s, CiCi’s Pizza, Del Taco, Hardee’s and Taco Bueno, unveiled new original programming for the network. Called theBITE Network, the content is a combination of entertainment and advertising, including a 60-minute lifestyle program hosted by four personalities.

Created and produced by IndoorDirect, theBITE currently airs on 42-inch LCD screens in 250 restaurant locations. About two to four screens are in each location. The company expects to roll out the new Network to more than 1,000 locations by first quarter of 2009, giving it a presence in the top 25 markets.

Along with news, entertainment, music and sports, theBITE also features scrolling text with breaking news, sports updates and localized time and weather.

With the introduction of theBITE Network, IndoorDirect expects increased viewing to its medium.

“We believe theBITE dramatically raises the quality of out-of-home programming,” said Fred Margolin, CEO of IndoorDirect. “For advertisers, theBITE Network provides a prime audience and solid measurement.”

According to an Arbitron study of IndoorDirect, nine out of 10 customers who notices the screens spent at least some time watching them. Nearly two-thirds of the group recalled at least one ad that was featured on the network.

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