An Incentive Like No Other

Carmichael Lynch tosses up a jump ball for a Porsche Boxster

Minnesota is known for its brutal winters and buggy summers. Even so, the top brass at Carmichael Lynch have decided to give their employees a Porsche convertible—or, at least, the chance to drive one.

The Minneapolis agency, which handles the Porsche ad account, recently purchased a 2003 Boxster (base retail price: $60,000-75,000), the coveted keys to which will be awarded each month to the brand team that leads the way in “breakthrough” thinking for its clients, according to agency president John Colasanti. He and chief creative officer Jack Supple (aka the Holders of the Keys) will review proposals from teams explaining why they deserve the car. It will be up to the members of each winning team to divvy up the time share.

The staffers who led the charge in reeling in the A.G. Edwards account are the ones currently tooling around in the Porsche. But there’s no guarantee that the chariot’s minders will always be so quick to turn over the reins. If no team presents a winning proposal, the car stays with Colasanti and Supple. (How convenient.) During such times, the Holders may decide to award the keys for a day in what they’re calling “Random acts of Porscheness.”

Agency staffers are pretty jazzed about the development, but the buzz around the shop is that the bar will be set significantly higher in the summer than in January or February. Even Colasanti admits, “There’s going to be no winners during August and September.”