IMX Goes OTC With Harris Drury

Assigns Consumer Ads for Exorex, Mother 2 Be Skin Treatments
ATLANTA–Capitalizing on the growing trend of drug manufacturers marketing their brands directly to consumers, Harris Drury Cohen of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has been selected by IMX Pharmaceuticals to handle national advertising for two over-the-counter product lines.
The $3 million advertising account will see Harris Drury Cohen responsible for the Boca Raton, Fla., pharmaceutical company’s established Exorex health creams, shampoos and treatments formulated for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. In addition, the agency will get first shot at advertising the client’s new line of products labeled Mother 2 Be, a series of natural creams and oils designed for pregnant women’s skin.
Harris Drury Cohen will create consumer magazine advertising, new product packaging, point-of-sale displays and marketing programs for the medical community.
The Exorex advertising account, previously with the healthcare division of Bozell Worldwide, passed to Harris Drury Cohen without a formal agency search.
“We liked [Harris Drury Cohen] when we originally interviewed them a couple years ago, but they didn’t have any pharmaceutical experience and that was the reason we didn’t hire them,” said Bill Forster, chief executive officer and president of IMX Pharmaceuticals. “But when we went to expand our product lines, we thought they would look at things with a wider vision. They didn’t come to the table with an idea about how it all needed to be done already.”
“I think we got picked because we sat down and really learned their business,” said agency principal Stan Harris. “We were looking at it fresh from a consumer perspective.”
Forster said he was especially surprised and pleased with the agency’s original logo and trademark for Mother 2 Be. The graphic treatment is a twist on the universal symbol for women, with the icon’s “belly” extended for pregnancy and the “head” turned slightly downward to gaze at the child.
“We didn’t even ask them to do that for us,” said Forster. “They just asked for two weeks to kick around some ideas. As it ended up, they dazzled us.”