Improv Eggspert

Comedian Jonathan Winters and his cast of colorful characters return for a new round of TV spots for the California Egg Commission.
Four 30-second spots from Evans, Hardy + Young break this week throughout the state, backed by an estimated $3 million media budget.
The commercials (one is shown here) are an evolution of last year’s work, which introduced Winters as spokesman for California Fresh Eggs. And like last year, Winters didn’t work from a finished script.
“We wanted to capture his improvisational genius, while still telling our story,” said Scott Young, executive creative director at the Santa Barbara, Calif., agency.
Winters prepared through input sessions designed to familiarize him with the key points the commission wanted to make about eggs.
During the two-day shoot, director Gary Noren tossed out questions to Winters, who used costumes and props–including an oversized egg and live chickens–to explain the virtues of California Fresh Eggs.
–Angela Dawson