If one’s kids were as loyal as one’s pets, the chart below might look different. As things stand, though, we needn’t be surprised that grocery shoppers are more brand-loyal when buying pet food than baby food. The chart excerpts an InsightExpress poll on shoppers’ behavior. Incidence of loyalty was lower for several grocery categories not displayed here, including frozen dinners/pizza (18 percent), pasta/rice (16 percent) and canned goods (14 percent). When consumers switch brands, what prompts them to do so? Price is the main factor (cited by 78 percent), surpassing product quality (66 percent), promotional offers/coupons (40 percent) and “the sheer availability of other products or brands”(33 percent). Of the various in-store ploys to sway people, weekly store fliers get the most attention, with 84 percent of respondents aware of them. And of those who are aware, 83 percent said the fliers do influence their shopping. By contrast, while 79 percent are aware of in-aisle coupon dispensers, just46 percent of these people said the gizmos affect their purchase decisions.