Imandi Spots Break

Crispin Porter & Bogusky goes to the mat in its first television ads for Internet marketeer
The Miami agency’s bare-knuckle, mop-swinging “Wrestling” spot pits two maids battling furiously for a family’s housekeeping chores.
“We wanted branding,” said Dan Japhet, Imandi.
com’s director of advertising. “So we needed an agency that could take a selling idea and make some noise.”
The agency’s challenge was to describe a shopping process unfamiliar to most consumers.
“Wrestling is the closest analogy,” said creative director Alex Bogusky. “Merchants battling for business . . . Still, it’s going to be a difficult task convincing people there’s a new way to buy.”
Mandi, a Hindu word meaning “bazaar,” is a so-called “reverse marketplace” Net venue delivering 250,000 retailers and service providers to consumers. Merchants then bid for business.
A 1999 start-up, the Redmond, Wash., company is run by Microsoft alums Eric Johnson and Raghav Kher. The media budget is $20 million.
Japhet and director Jeff Gorman faced another challenge on CP&B’s second spot. “Inspection” is an over-the-top spoof involving jeans-wearing contractors showing the requisite amount of exposed butt to pass muster with potential clients.
“We had to retouch all the asses to make ’em look shiny,” Japhet said, “as opposed to pitted and hairy.” competitors include, and