Ikea and a Friendly Lion ‘Relax Into Greatness’ in Charming New Ad

Mother London adds to the 'Wonderful Everyday' campaign

Just because you rest for 18 hours a day doesn’t mean you’re lazy.

Agency Mother London is launching an integrated campaign for Ikea across the U.K. and Ireland focused on the living room, titled “Relax Into Greatness,” which functions as the latest addition to the larger “Wonderful Everyday” campaign.

The debut spot, “Lion,” is based around this fun animal fact: Lions spend up to 18 hours per day at rest.

Presented in a way that’s reminiscent of nature documentaries, “Lion” opens with this factoid, as its titular character is seen lounging around on the couch, reading and enjoying a beverage.

“But if you think they are lazy, think again,” adds the spot’s voiceover narrator, Swedish actor Rikard Wolf (appropriately enough, the voice of Scar in the Swedish dub of The Lion King).

After so much downtime, “when their minds and bodies are fully recharged, then and only then, is it time for action,” Wolf explains. That action, however, is probably not of the sort you’d expect.


With the “Lion” revealed as a father in costume, it appears he’s been spending this whole time preparing the mental and physical stamina required for a child’s birthday party.

“Modern lives often leave us with the feeling that we should always be on the go, making enjoying downtime feel a bit indulgent. We work around the clock, consuming information 24/7 and are ‘always on,’ which puts a toll on us all. We’ve all forgotten how to relax, especially in the living room,” says IKEA U.K. and Ireland marketing manager Laurent Tiersen.

“Our hope is that ‘Lion’—the latest installment of the ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign—helps and inspires the nation to reclaim their living rooms. Challenging everyone to think of it as a personal sanctuary to relax and recharge—because when you feel fresh, great things will follow.”

As well as 60- and 20-second versions of the “Lion” spot, running on broadcast and in cinemas (60-second only), the integrated effort will also feature print, CRM, PR, out-of-home, digital and social media initiatives and will run from July 15 through Sept. 15.

@ErikDOster erik.oster@adweek.com Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.