If You Were Wondering What Sriracha Beer Tastes Like, Here’s Our Review

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

When we heard the news that Rogue was releasing Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, we were intrigued. We promptly ordered a six-pack to find out how this bizarre flavor combination would taste.

Being a fan of both Huy Fong’s staple hot sauce—and well, all beer—I was eager to crack one. My initial thoughts? The bottle features an absolutely perfect version of the iconic sriracha rooster label, updated with Rogue’s language. Get a bottle for your hot-sauce-loving friends, and they’ll decorate their cubicles or man caves with it.

Taste-wise, it’s definitely drinkable. It’s a rich stout with a tiny kick that hits you after the aftertaste. Would I order one in a bar? Um, if I saw “Sriracha Beer” on a menu anywhere, I’d order one in a heartbeat. Would I order a second one? Probably not. A session beer it is not. But it’s a reasonable guess that Rogue doesn’t think so either, given that the drink is only sold in single 750 ml bottles.

But don’t just take my word for it—we invited some members of the Adweek team to taste test this spicy beer in the video above.

Shot and edited by John Tejada. 

@maskeroni alfred.maskeroni@adweek.com Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.