If You Needn’t Settle For a Weekend in Waco

The U.S. may have ceased to be Eurocentric in other respects, but it remains so when it comes to notions of the ideal vacation. A recent Harris Poll asked American adults to pick the region outside the U.S. in which they’d most like to vacation if money were no object. Fifty percent chose Europe, 25 percent picked Asia/Pacific, and 12 percent opted for the Americas/Caribbean. Africa (2 percent) and the Middle East (1 percent) barely registered in the polling. When people were asked to pick the one country where they’d most like to vacation, Australia led the voting, as it has each year since 1997. Of the other nine countries in the top 10, though, seven were European: Italy (No. 2), the U.K. (No. 3), France (No. 4), Ireland (No. 5), Germany (No. 6), Spain (No. 9) and Greece (No. 10). The exceptions were New Zealand (No. 7) and Japan (No. 8). Harris points out that Americans’ top three choices were all members of the “coalition of the willing” that opposed Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.