If You Are What You Eat, You Probably Aren’t Okra takes

Attention, all snobs who use “plain vanilla” as a term of derision. For the fourth year in a row, a reader poll by Bon Appétit found vanilla the favorite ice cream, besting chocolate by 46 percent to 38 percent. Chocolate got its due when people picked their favorite cookie, with chocolate chip (70 percent) atop the list. When it comes to comfort (see the chart), the sweet tooth is trumped by a longing for starch. (When people say a discomforting incident “took the starch out of them,” perhaps they speak more literally than they know.) Indicating that organic food has extended its appeal beyond the Birkenstock set, 69 percent of respondents sometimes buy the stuff. Do people make a point of reducing fat and calories in their cooking at home? A blithe 22 percent never do; 12 percent always do. Americans don’t care a fig for figs, the least-loved fruit for the fourth straight year. Strawberries were the favorite. Asparagus was the best-liked vegetable, okra the least-liked. Italian is the cuisine of choice when people cook at home (71 percent) or when they dine out (59 percent). Pizza is the preeminent take-out food (63 percent).