If It Ain’t Broke, Buy It

Tierney & Partners has some fresh new ads for Genuardi’s, an upscale, local supermarket chain.
The Philadelphia shop has created two spots knocking other grocery stores’ willingness to sell sub-par items. The ads show an imaginary world of Banana Republic- and Crate & Barrel-type shops selling bum goods.
In “Furniture” and “Clothing,” beautiful people walk through all-white boutiques, accompanied by piano music. But items fall apart when touched: Handles pop off teacups; pearls slide from their strings.
A voiceover asks why anyone would shop at a supermarket with such low standards, comparing the broken wares to brown-spotted apples and tough steak. Then Genuardi’s foods are shown in ravishing color. The tagline: “Saving never tasted so good.”
The original score, from JSM Music in New York, was inspired by 1960s Italian films, said chief creative officer Rochelle Klein. “I call it ‘nuns on bicycles’ music; it’s surreal, but with a wit to it,” she said.
Ads broke Sept. 20 in local markets. Billings were not disclosed.
–Emily Fromm