Identity Theft

“Massachusetts. We’ve got issues” might be a better slogan for the Bay State than the proposed “Massachusetts. Make it yours,” which was unveiled in grand fashion late last week and promptly given a spanking in the press, from the public and from tourism professionals. “I would’ve liked to see something a little more dynamic,” says Sheila Martines Pina, executive director of the Bristol County Convention & Visitors Bureau and chair of the Regional Tourism Councils.

Or at least something that doesn’t leave people feeling duped. The Mass achusetts Office of Travel & Tourism has been holding a contest, asking the public to submit slogan ideas. But they apparently got low marks: “Make it yours” came from MOTT’s own agency, Connelly Partners/CGN in Boston.

A MOTT rep says contest rules made it clear that the competi tion was intended to “generate excitement” about state tourism, not necessarily to select an actual slogan to be used in ads. Six prize winners, chosen in a random drawing, did receive weekend getaways as prizes, the rep said. No one from the public suggested “Make it yours,” although among the more memorable submissions was “Lobstahs and Mobstahs.” That one, alas, didn’t win a prize.

At press time, Gov. Jane Swift had not approved “Make it yours” for use in advertising.