The new Calatrava wing at the Milwaukee Museum of Art uses the strength and support of concrete to appeardelicate. To promote the museum’s 13th Grape Lakes Wine and Food Festival, Nelson & Schmidt Marketing Communications chose to mirror the ongoing construction activity at the cultural center.

In posters given to festival participants and others, the Milwaukee agency juxtaposed a cement truck and a wine glass, with wine pouring down the truck’s chute into the glass. The image conveys both the strength and fragility of the new wing, scheduled to open in 2001.

“We thought it was important to focus on the construction of a unique and highly complex concrete structure—but to also have some fun with it,” said Mark Gale, evp and creative director. “The fun part was creating a tie-in with the wine.”

The festival, which is running Sept. 13-16, is a fundraiser for the museum’s art acquisition and exhibition fund. Nelson & Schmidt has promoted the event for the past five years.