from idaho with love

It’s not often that Boise, Idaho-based ad agency Es/drake finds itself basking in the glow of international acclaim, but a PSA from the shop had them laughing in the U.K.

The shop’s pregnancy prevention spot, featuring two nervous parents confronting their son, was recently featured in the London-based publication and video Campaign Screen, which presents notable ads from the U.S.

In the spot, mom and dad search for the right words, leaning forward and wringing their hands as they tell the youngster he should be taking precautions. It turns out the subject is tooth decay and the advice is to use dental floss. The point, of course, is that parents should put aside their anxieties when talking about health issues even, or perhaps especially, if they relate to sex.

“It’s a shame the ad is only airing in the Idaho region,” wrote Campaign Screen, which typically presents only national big-budget ads.

“It is very gratifying to receive this type of recognition,” said agency president Bill Drake. “We have exceptionally talented people who can produce world-class commercials right here in Boise.”