Icebox Emotion Central to Kerker’s Sub-Zero Ads

Kerker Marketing Communications highlights the emotional ties Sub-Zero refrigerators bring out in their owners in its latest work for the high-end appliance maker.
“Sub-Zero’s customer believes the kitchen is her command center,” said Chris Preston, the Minneapolis shop’s creative director. “This is her baby and she can do what she wants with it.”
The consumer print campaign highlights that emotion by depicting off-beat characters tailoring the contents of their refrigerators to their lives. One execution shows a woman in a yoga position with cucumber slices on her eyes. Behind her, the Sub-Zero is filled with cucumbers. Another piece shows a woman who has put a Sub-Zero in her bathroom to store milk for her milk baths.
The headline, “It’s your room. Do what you want in it,” is the only text in the ads. The line came almost directly out of research that revealed women were deeply involved with designing and building their dream kitchens, Preston said.
Kerker’s previous campaign for the Madison, Wis., client emphasized the “mystique” of the refrigerators and used photos of past notables like Frank Lloyd Wright, Mae West and Amelia Earhart with headlines such as “Because I want to.”
The campaign, which was created before Preston joined Kerker last last May, was smart but too intellectual, he said. “Owning a Sub-Zero is not an intellectual exercise,” he said. “It’s about how it makes you feel.”
The new work makes that emotional connection by allowing consumers to fill in the details of the story behind the pictures, he said.
The campaign is appearing in consumer-oriented design and decorating magazines like Elle Decor, Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Architectural Digest.
Sub-Zero spent $2.2 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. K