Ice-T and Coco Discuss Their New Talk Show, Media Obsessions and Why They’re Mad at Twitter

The married duo hits the airwaves on Aug. 3



Age 36

Claim to fame Model, actress, founder of Licious apparel and lingerie

Twitter @cocosworld

Base New York


Age 57

Claim to fame Actor (Law & Order: SVU), rapper


Base New York

Latest project Hosts of the new talk show Ice & Coco, premiering Aug. 3 on select Fox stations

Adweek: What's the first information you consume when you wake up in the morning?

Ice-T: We have a camera system in our house that looks outside into our driveway, so the first thing we usually do is hit that to see if anybody's here. We're still in the process of moving into our crib and we've got people working, so we want to make sure we don't get up and run around the house butt-naked if anybody's downstairs. [Laughs] And then right after that, while we're still in bed, we go over our schedule for the day. I say, "Coco, what's your plan for the day?" And then we go over my plan and try to make them merge.

Coco: We've been doing that every single day for years!

What are your go-to social media platforms?

Ice-T: I just use Twitter. I don't like Instagram because I'm a guy and I don't really like taking pictures of everything. And I don't have a Facebook. Coco does more because she's much more of an Internet personality.

Coco: I mostly use Facebook. I feel like Twitter's kind of outdated. It was, like, a boom five years ago. But there are so many more people on Facebook, and I like that I can go on there and post whatever I want to say. Twitter is harder because you only have 140 characters. I like to get really detail-oriented, and it drives me crazy that I can't do that on Twitter.

Ice-T: Also, Coco's Twitter broke last year. It's stuck at 1.14 million followers. The number won't move. So that's kind of a downer.

Have you reached out to Twitter about getting that fixed?

Ice-T: Reached out to who? No one seems to work for Twitter! It's like a phantom organization. We probably have to get Batman to find out who runs it! [Laughs]

Coco: My publicist and manager have gone to Twitter, and no one seems to work there. It's really crazy.

I love that your dogs also have their own Instagram account.

Coco: Well, let me correct you. They actually have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! And when you put them together, they have almost 100,000 followers.

Ice-T: It's fun for me because when some idiot says something bad to me on Twitter, I can always say, "Catch up to my dogs' followers before you say something stupid." [Laughs]

What are your favorite apps?

Ice-T: It's gotta be Coco's workout app. That's how we stay in shape!

Coco: It's called Coco's Workout World. It's all of the workout moves that I do in the gym. We do fun stuff like twerking. Go take a look at it, you'll laugh!

Ice-T: And you love Waze.

Coco: Yeah, I'm really into getting points! I'm like, "Honey, I graduated! I'm no longer a baby Waze; I'm a teenager Waze!" And just recently, I graduated to an adult Waze. Ice laughs at me, but it's fun because I'm in the car with him all the time, so it's like a little game I do while he's driving. As much as we travel, I'm racking up those points.