Ice Cubes Dead Ahead!

Fallon McElligott copywriter Viv Walsh was sitting in a cafe reading about James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Titanic when the thought struck him: Why did the film–which cost $200 million–have to be so much trouble when it could be done at home?
To prove his point, Walsh went to his bathroom, filled the tub, grabbed some ice from the freezer and set up a video camera. The result is Miller Lite’s newest spot.
The spot (shown here) opens on a Miller Lite can floating in the bathtub as Walsh provides an original, hummed soundtrack. Without warning, the can clanks against the ice cubes and sinks. A credit roll at the end of the spot attributes director, producer and cinematography duties to Miller’s ubiquitous adman, Dick.
Walsh noted that his production budget hovered somewhere near the $4 range.
Sadly, Miller could not get into the Academy Awards commercial lineup, and so the spot debuted during last weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live. It will subsequently air on entertainment shows such as E.T.
–Aaron Baar