IAB Issues Guidelines for Pop-Up, Over-the-Page Ads

NEW YORK After receiving feedback over the last two months, the Interactive Advertising Bureau this week released guidelines for over-the-page rich media units and pop-up and pop-under ads.

The guidelines for over-the-page rich media units, which include expandable, floating, between-page and in-stream ads, are meant to enhance the user experience without constraining creative opportunities and improve the efficiency and ease of planning, buying and creating online media, the IAB said.

Some of the highlights include that audio must be user initiated with the exception of ads that run in a context where the user has already accepted audio; all ads must offer a “close box” or “skip-ad” button, though the specifics vary by ad; and animation length for in-page, expandable and over-the-page ads are 15 seconds, and between-page and in-stream ads is 15-30 seconds. The full list of standards can be found at iab.net/standards/richmedia.

The New York-based trade association said its guidelines for pop-up and pop-under ads are intended to improve consumers’ perception of them by applying consistency in their use, specifications and labeling. The feedback supported a “close box” function and a frequency cap of no more than one pop-up ad per site visit. The standards are available at iab.net/standards/popup.asp.